DJ Bravo, Shoaib Akhtar and Sehwag singing and dancing, Champion song, Shahid...

DJ Bravo, Shoaib Akhtar and Sehwag singing and dancing, Champion song, Shahid Afridi is a Champion


There was party time at the Eden Gardens last night. West Indies won their second world t20 title and this is the third major title this year that goes to the Caribbean. For this under-9 boys won the world cup and became the inspiration for the West Indies men and women cricket teams.

Then yesterday first the women won the world t20 title beating Australia and in the night, the men did it as well. West Indies deserves the appreciation because under huge problems with the board including financial matters, hey came in and dominated the world t20.

Bravo had a short interview with Shoaib and Sehwag after the game and the West Indian cricketer who also is a singer and his song Champion has been played all the time in the tournament once again took the mic and sung t.

This time, he changed the lyrics a bit and included names of the Pakistani players upon the request of Shoaib. Shahid Afridi and Ahmad Shahzad names included dig the lyrics and Bravo sung the song with Shoaib and Sehwag dancing with him.

Shoaib interestingly was supporting England but after the 19th over when Morgan gave the ball to Stokes, he switched sides saying that this is a big mistake made by Morgan. Bravo also agreed to say that that was a crucial over and when Stokes came out to bowl they knew they have a good chance against him. West Indies won the game after Brathwaite hit four monster sixes to Stokes and stole those 19 runs required in the final over.