Dilshan to get shirt from Shahid Afridi’s

Dilshan to get shirt from Shahid Afridi’s


Shahid Afridi and his men finally have something to cherish in the Asia Cup. They now can think of some good work they have done in the Asia Cup. Pakistan managed to nail down Sri Lanka in the final pool game of the Asia Cup 2016.

Both Pakistan and Sri Lanka are already out of the tournament and this game would not have made any difference in the outcomes of placing the finalists because Bangladesh and India have already qualified for the finals.

Pakistan won the toss and bowled first. Sri Lanka did manage to have a great start with Dilshan and Chandimal showing their class by hitting almost all the Pakistani bowling line for a series of sixes and fours. Amir was the only bowler who remained effective against the two.

Pakistan had to chase 150 in their batting and as their fragile batting had already let them down in almost all the games, this could have been another addition to the list. But this did not happen. Pakistan batted really well.

Partnerships were the key last night and Pakistan managed to hit a few good ones which eventually took them over the line. At the end of the game, Shahid Afridi walked down to the ground for the handshakes and Dilshan at that point was seen asking Afridi for his shirt.

Dilshan made a handshake with Afridi first and then pointed out towards the shirt. The conversation could not listen but surely the gestures cleared everything that Dilshan asked Afridi for his shirt and the Pathan immediately said yes to his old opponent.
This incident happened at the handshakes after Pakistan managed to take down Sri Lanka in their final contest. Both Pakistan and Sri Lanka were already out of the Asia Cup losing to Bangladesh and making their way easy to reach the finals.

However, this last game was important for both the teams as a win would have compensated some loss in the tournament. Sri Lanka batted first when Afridi won the toss and put them in. the start for Sri Lanka was great with Dilshan and Chandimal taking the attack to the Pakistani bowling unit.

Pakistan did not bowl well in the first half but then came back well in the final overs. Sri Lanka managed to hit 150 runs on a batting track. Pakistan had a tough task ahead of them but finally, some rational thoughts struck the minds of the Pakistani batsmen.