Cricketers creates laughter in Cricket match

Cricketers creates laughter in Cricket match


A small fielding incident between the Sri Lankan crickets created a big laughter in the Cricket match with Sri Lanka. Such incidents’ are noticed very often in cricket matches. These things amuse the fans in ground and the players as well. However, some times the misfiled also makes huge loss to the playing eleven in match as well.

The amusing small incident between the three Sri Lankan players created a lot of amusement in match as well. None of the three cricketers were able to pic the ball in first attempt. One of them came back to collect and throw the ball back towards wicket keeper. In the meanwhile, the English batsmen have sneaked a quick single. It was one of very rare oceans when Sri Lankan fielding has failed in the world cup cricket matches.

Sri Lankan cricketers have enhanced their fielding abilities in the modern cricket matches they are known as well fielders in the game. There was a time when Sri Lanka was struggling in all departments of game. However, the young bread of players in Sri Lanka has emerged very well. Strong domestic cricket infrastructure in Sri Lanka has played a very important part in this regard.

Not only have the Sri Lankan cricketers enhanced their fielding abilities. Several other teams have also done remarkable job. In modern cricket, Cricket matches are won with good fielding as well. Mostly the teams who are known as better fielding side, are performing well in their matches.

Good fielding has become demand of cricket matches in any format of game in modern cricket. Teams with average performance cannot survive for long in the international charts. Some teams are at the top of other only because of their better fielding in the ground. Cricketers are selected on the basis of good fielding abilities in field as well.