Chris Gayle’s Gigantic Six To Afridi

Chris Gayle’s Gigantic Six To Afridi


The best entertaining part about T20 cricket is that it often makes you see your favorite cricketers battling against each other and rising up as champions. This is the reason the T20 leagues are so popular in the world.
In such a league played in the West Indies is known as the Caribbean Premier League and in a match we saw two batting giants Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi fighting out each other for their respective franchises.

Chris Gayle faced Afridi and the result that came was quite the expected one. Afridi who is facing serious form issues was hit for a monster shot that went all the way out of the ground. The distance the ball travelled was 106 meters as per the calculations. Afridi tried to fox Gayle with a wrong one then he bowled in a more off spinner’s action but to his bad luck the wicket didn’t do anything to the ball and it went straight as an arrow.

With zero turn and pitching right in his mouth Gayle never wanted to miss on this one and nor did he. Gayle moved his front leg a bit as the ball was in his arc so he swung his heavy bat and when it comes from Gayle’s bat it hardly lands short.

The bat made a sweet sound after connecting to the ball and the crowd saw it going over the ground into the dark areas outside it. Afridi failed to impress Gayle with his bowling and even his fans were disappointing after seeing their favorite bowler hit for this big.