Chris Gayle invents cricket shot in golf

Chris Gayle invents cricket shot in golf


For a player like Chris Gayle, who is known for his massive hitting abilities, seems like plays every game like cricket. If not every then surely he likes swinging the golf club like his big bat. Gayle needs to be told that in gold there is no concept of hitting sixes.

This short funny segment was performed as a challenge between Peter Trego and Chris Gayle. Before the last Nat West T20 tournament, Chris Gayle features in some challenges with players like Kevin Pietersen and Trego.

This one was hitting the gold ball to the maximum length. Trego has played gold in the past and he knew that it would be easy for him to beat Gayle in this challenge. He hits the ball first and it was a decent one from him.

Trego has some strong muscles and as a result, he, the ball went to a very impressive distance. After him, it was Gayle’s turn and the big Jamaican first tried the orthodox way of hitting the gold ball.

He could not hit it as he was not comfortable with the position and then Gayle went for an unorthodox way. He moved a few paces back, then covered the distance in the same style like he leaves the batting crease against a spinner.

He connects the club to the tiny ball and it just went on and on and almost landed near to the end of the long yard. Trego was in complete disbelief over this hit. Gayle, on the other hand, was laughing in his trademark way. He won the competition with ease.