Chris Gayle 175 runs off 66 balls, IPL Live

Chris Gayle 175 runs off 66 balls, IPL Live


They say IPL produces magic well in the contest of this power hitting from the West Indian runs machine Chris Gayle they are absolutely right. Chris Gayle on that day took the world by a huge storm. He was unstoppable that day.

Chris Gayle smashed the highest IPL layer total of 175 and all these runs came off just 66 balls. He hit 17 sixes and in those 17 few went out of the large stadium of Bangalore. Gayle unleashed himself against the Pune Warriors.

He started off by hitting M Marsh for four sixes in one over. The first went over long on. This ball was pitched up at him and Gayle like he always do cleared his front leg and picked the up and onto the stands it went.

The second ball was a bit good one from Marsh. This one was outside the off stump but Gayle was watching the ball like a football. He smoked it over covers for the second six. Gavaskar commentating on the hit said that he could not believe that this one went over the covers on the full.

The third hit was straight as-as arrow. Marsh thought it was coming straight at him which it was not. It was right over him and in the face over the sight screen as well. In the same inning, a full toss from Dinda landed on the roof. That shot was as scary as one can imagine for any bowler. Gayle heard it from the middle of his bat and put in every ounce of the power of his body.