Carlos Brathwaite 4 sixes in final over Against England Stokes, World t20...

Carlos Brathwaite 4 sixes in final over Against England Stokes, World t20 final


West Indies wins with 4 sixes from Brathwaite

The West Indies have taken one of the biggest wins in the history of modern days cricket. they were out of the game and then Braithwaite slammed 34 off 10 balls and everything changed and the Englishmen looked the game.

Braithwaite hit 4 sixes in the final over on the first four balls. West Indies were required 19 runs and Stokes had the ball in his hand. At that moment, the game was with England.But the first hit went on the leg side and ended up as a six.

This was not a good ball. The next one was right under the bat once again and this time, Brathwaite went over long on. This was a huge hit. The ball was right under the ball and the power given to the ball took it long and over the fence.

The third one went over long off. This was a brutal hit. It was again right up there and this time, again Brathwaite hit it with everything he had got. The ball sailed over the fence and the match tied. West Indies had to get one run from 3 balls.

At that point, every other player than this man would have taken a single but Brathwaite went for the fourth six of the over and there it was. The game went to the West Indies and there were celebrations was all around the park. Samuels remained the man of the match with 85 not out. He was the man that gave West Indies the hope in the chase.