Batsman Scores 12 Runs on Last Ball of Match

Batsman Scores 12 Runs on Last Ball of Match


New Zealand batsman Adams scored 12 runs on last ball of the match and stunned the spectators. He achieved the impossible but the bowler helped him as well. The batsman missed the second last ball of the match and everyone knew the result.

Scoring 12 runs on last seemed impossible for any batsman according to rules of the game unless bowler delivered no ball and got boundary. So, the bowler did the same mistake and target reduced to 6 runs on last ball. So New Zealand middle order player Adams hit the massive out of the park and won the match for team.

The commentators and spectators could not believe what the bowler had done and provided the opportunity to opponent team winning match. It was impossible and no team had achieved such unbelievable victory before.

The other players sitting in the dug out came out in the ground and celebrated the victory as they attained the impossible. Kiwi batsman Adams was declared man of the match on playing match winning inning and hitting the victorious stroke.

The result of the match was incredible and once again proved the uncertainty of the game. Every cricket lover in the world could not believe what had happened in the ground and what New Zealand batsman Adams had achieved in domestic tournament.