Azhar Mehmood takes Razzaq to the cleaners

Azhar Mehmood takes Razzaq to the cleaners


In his first T20 league appearance in England, Razzaq had some good games earlier with the bat and ball. He performed well in his first game hitting a61 with the bat off just 29 balls. His innings came at a crucial position for his county side Leicestershire. They won that game. In the second he bowled well and his four overs hardly gave anything in the name of runs. In another match who was between Kent and Leicestershire, Abdul Razzaq had to face an old friend Azhar Mehmood.

Razzaq had to bowl the 19th over of the game and Azhar was facing him who was in some devastating batting form. Azhar already had a hundred to his name as well in the tournament. Razzaq looked a bit nervous as his first ball was a wavered slow ball on the leg side and Azhar just clipped it down the leg side and as fine leg fielder was placed inside the circle, the ball went away easily towards his fence for a four.

The next ball had a good line outside the off stump but the length was not so god and Azhar just picked it up over long off for a huge hit that went into the stands. This was very neatly timed as Azhar has a short bat lift, it was not hard for him to just pick the ball and hit it over the ropes.

Razzaq pitched the next ball again up to Azhar and this time, he went straight as a dart and the ball landed on the roof. This was a monster and the way Azhar just give it a sort of short arm jab was something to watch again and again.