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  • Thu Jun 1 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group A – England v BangladeshKennington Oval, LondonLIVE
  • Fri Jun 2 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group A – Australia v New ZealandEdgbaston, BirminghamLIVE
  • Sat Jun 3 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group B – Sri Lanka v South AfricaKennington Oval, LondonLIVE
  • Sun Jun 4 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group B – India v PakistanEdgbaston, BirminghamLIVE
  • Mon Jun 5 (50 ovs)13:30 local (12:30 GMT | 17:30 PKT)
    Group A – Australia v BangladeshKennington Oval, LondonLIVE D/N
  • Tue Jun 6 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group A – England v New ZealandSophia Gardens, CardiffLIVE
  • Wed Jun 7 (50 ovs)13:30 local (12:30 GMT | 17:30 PKT)
    Group B – Pakistan v South AfricaEdgbaston, BirminghamLIVE D/N
  • Thu Jun 8 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group B – India v Sri LankaKennington Oval, LondonLIVE
  • Fri Jun 9 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group A – New Zealand v BangladeshSophia Gardens, CardiffLIVE
  • Sat Jun 10 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group A – England v AustraliaEdgbaston, BirminghamLIVE
  • Sun Jun 11 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group B – India v South AfricaKennington Oval, LondonLIVE
  • Mon Jun 12 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Group B – Sri Lanka v PakistanSophia Gardens, CardiffLIVE
  • Wed Jun 14 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    1st Semi-final – TBC v TBCSophia Gardens, CardiffLIVE
  • Thu Jun 15 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    2nd Semi-final – TBC v TBCEdgbaston, BirminghamLIVE
  • Sun Jun 18 (50 ovs)10:30 local (09:30 GMT | 14:30 PKT)
    Final – TBC v TBC (Reserve Day)Kennington Oval, LondonLIVE

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Sarfraz in his interview after the game said that he would like to credit the win to the bowlers


Sarfraz Ahmed happy with his team

Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed is happy with the proceedings in West Indies. His side won comprehensively yesterday against hosts in the opening T20 of the series. Pakistan played really well in both the innings and won the game with ease.

Sarfraz in his interview after the game said that he would like to credit the win to the bowlers. They made the job easy. There were no much runs on the board in the second innings and hence the batting did not come under any pressure.

Sarfraz first talked about the pacers and he was extremely happy with the way Wahab Riaz bowled. He said that every bowler did well. Wahab Riaz bowled good balls in the final spell. He was bowling against the win and yet he looked really good and that is something needed from him.

AB De Villiers With 9000 ODI Runs Breaks Sourav Ganguly’s Record


WELLINGTON, (Pakistan Point News – 25th Feb, 2017): South African renowned batsman AB de Villiers holds many records, but in the match with New Zealand I Willington, de Villiers broke the record of former Indian Captain Saurav Ganguly by crossing 9000 ODI runs. The 33-year-old South African broke the record in only 205 innings. He needed 87 runs to break the record in the start of Kiwi’s tour. He scored 37 unbeaten in the first ODI in Hamilton, 45 at Christchurch and 85 on Saturday at Wellington.

Top 6 Tricks to Lose Weight No One Ever Told You About


Dieting is no easy task. You think the main goal is just to start eating healthy food, but the tricky thing is to adopt new dieting habits. To make the process of losing those extra pounds easier for you, we at Bright Side decided to share these 6 tricks that no one ever told you about.
1. When you’re eating out, always choose the smallest portion available.
Take your time to read the menu. Even if it’s a place where they sell hamburgers and other unhealthy food, choose the smallest portion they have (mini hamburger, junior popcorn, personal pizza, or light salad). According to recent studies, people who don’t order their own main dish tend to eat everything on the table even if they’re already full.

2. Be more optimistic! Every positive thought matters.

© Designed by Jcomp –
The idea is to focus only on good thoughts and repeat your goals in a positive way as if they were your mantra. For example: “I lost half a pound! That’s just great!“ ”Slowly but surely!“ “I can eat only the portion I took.” ”I can say NO to dessert.” Such optimistic phrases will help you achieve your goals with a positive attitude.
3. Eating alone is better than eating with company.
When you start making changes in your diet you usually want your friends and family to help you along this path. However, it’s scientifically proven that people who eat in a group eat more. This happens because you spend more time at the table and, in addition, while talking and laughing you can’t control how much you have eaten.
It doesn’t mean you should eat alone all the time, but try to bring to the table only what you’re going to eat, your personal portion, so that you can always enjoy good conversation without worrying about the amount you eat.

4. If you’re hungry, smell bananas.

© pixabay

This may sound a little crazy, but it has actually been proven that smelling foods like apples, mint, or banana can fool your brain and make it believe that you’re eating.
A study involving 3,000 volunteers who smelled these foods when they were hungry found that their appetites decreased and the results were soon reflected on the scales. Amazing, huh?!
5. Blue is your new favorite color.
One recent study has shown that the color blue decreases appetite. So try some changes like decorating your table with a blue tablecloth, blue napkins, blue plates, and glasses.
This is called the psychology of colors, and there are colors that actually stimulate your appetite. But blue will do the opposite for you.

6. Eat in front of a mirror.

© pixabay
You’ll probably say it’s just ridiculous, but scientific facts assure that eating while looking at yourself in the mirror reduces the amount of food you eat to one-third.

This Man Has Been Taking Care of His Paralyzed Wife for 56 Years – THIS Is True Love


This faithful husband has spent 56 years taking care of his paralyzed wife, Zhou Yu’ai, and continues to love her no matter what.
We at Bright Side believe that true love really exists, and the story of Chinese farmer Du Yuanfa proves it without a shadow of a doubt.

© People’s Daily Online
Du and Zhou got married in 1959, but just five months after their wedding fate dealt them a cruel blow. The young wife was struck by a mysterious disease at the age of 20 and became completely paralyzed. At the time, Du was working in a coal mine in the nearby city and found out about the tragic event only after he had received a letter from his family informing him that Zhou was sick and bed-bound.
Du immediately took a long leave from work and returned home. Due to the illness, Zhou lost all sensation in her body. She could not even turn or hold objects in her hands. No doctor could figure out what was wrong with the young woman. And then, to make matters worse, the young couple found out that Zhou lost the ability to reproduce.

© People’s Daily Online
A lot of Du’s friends suggested that he annul his marriage and start a new life, but the loving man refused. He told his wife, “Don’t worry. I will care for you forever,” and kept his word.
Du quit his job and devoted all his time to caring for his wife. The loving husband, who also works as a farmer, spoon-feeds his wife, changes her bedpans, prepares traditional Chinese medicines, and takes her to different doctors.

© People’s Daily Online
Du’s dedication couldn’t go unnoticed by his neighbors who often come to visit the old couple and bring them life necessities, groceries, and medicines. Moreover, Du and Zhou also receive help from the local authorities.
Du has never given up. For nearly six decades he has been taking care of his beloved wife. Every day, the man cleans, feeds, and massages his wife and still hopes to find treatment for her disease. Perhaps this is what true love looks like.

Minimum wage compare around the globe?


Just to satisfy our curiosity, we at Bright Side decided to compare minimum wages in different countries around the world! It should be noted that such a comparison can’t be made based on bare numbers alone. A lot depends on each particular country’s standard of living, taxation system, and currency exchange rates.

© Iakov Kalinin /

© Sergey Kelin /

© Anton Ivanov /

© Dmitry Chulov /

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© Lukasz Janyst /

© S.Borisov /

© Rrrainbow /

© Repina Valeriya /

© Oleg Znamenskiy /

© TTstudio /

© Reidl /

© Maxim Tupikov /

© Perati Komson /

© Marcin Krzyzak /

© Quick Shot /

© Curioso /

© Anibal Trejo /

© Alan L Meakin /

© givaga /

© Paolo Costa /

© r.nagy /

© hikrcn /

© dmitry_islentev /

© Alexander Mazurkevich /

© gyn9037 /

© Songquan Deng /

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List of minimum wages by country

How People Greet Each Other in Different Countries


How we say hello varies widely depending on where we live. These routines show our respect to others, so applying foreign cultures’ ways while traveling is a beautiful gesture toward natives.
Bright Side has found 14 greeting rituals from around the world — all so different from the good old handshake!
The Philippines

© doc obee/
The Filipinos perform a beautiful gesture called Mano to show respect to elders. They take the elder’s hand and press their foreheads to it with a subtle move.

The Japanese greet each other with a bow. Depending on the situation, the duration and the angle of the posture can vary.

People in India say the word “Namaste” while raising their hands over the chest with their palms pressed together and fingers turned upward.

Similarly to the Indian habit, the Thai greeting called wai uses a prayer-like gesture and is accompanied by a slight bow.

In France, it is customary for people to kiss each other on the cheeks upon meeting.
New Zealand

The Māori people in New Zealand say hello by initiating a traditional gesture, hongi, which involves two people pressing their noses and foreheads together.

© Daily News
In Botswana, you have to follow a series of simple moves to greet someone appropriately. Reach out your right arm while putting your left hand on your right elbow. Merge hands with the other person using your thumb first and your palm, and then return to your original position. Say the words “Lae kae?“ — the equivalent of ”How are you?” in Tswana.

Guests in Mongolia are given a hada (a ceremonial scarf) as a gift. It is received gently, using both hands while bowing slightly.
Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, people use a handshake and the words “As-salamu alaykum,“ meaning ”Peace be upon you.” It is usually followed by nose kissing and the placing of one hand on the other’s opposite shoulder.

The conventional greeting of the people of Tuvalu, a Polynesian island, employs a deep inhalation while pressing cheeks together.

The common form of greeting among Greek men is to clap on the back or the shoulder of an acquaintance.

© G.S. Matthews/
Warriors of the Masai tribe in Kenya will initiate newcomers into a dancing ceremony where they will form a circle and compete to decide who can jump the highest.

Malays typically touch each other’s fingers with both hands and then place their palms on their hearts.

Tibetan people stick their tongues out a little to show they are not a reincarnation of a merciless 9th-century Tibetan king who had a notoriously black tongue.
Preview photo credit,
Based on materials from Guff

Top 21 Life Tips That Will Completely Change the Way You Look At Ordinary Things


Advice on the matters of daily life is nearly always useful. People accumulate so much experience in doing the simplest to the most complicated things, and when they pass it on it can help so much to make your life easier.
Here are 21 of the must useful tips for life which we’ve come across. They’re guaranteed to make sure that tedious every day problems don’t spoil your fantastic mood!
1. Making meat even tastier

© moyblog
Some of the tastiest dishes out there can be made with mince. But if you marinate it while it’s in the fridge even just a little bit, it will taste a whole lot better!
2. Getting rid of a sore throat

© healthlady
If you drink hot milk with cardamom, then any inflammation and soreness in your throat will disappear a whole lot quicker.
3. Starting a fire easily

© flipboard
If you need to light a campfire fast, just remember that you can use potato chips. They burn better than any specially-produced lighter fluid, and work even when firewood is damp!
4. Salving a burn or sting

© allremedies
If you rub the affected area with some toothpaste, a burn or sting on your skin will hurt a lot less and pass much quicker.
5. Boiling potatoes quicker

© healingthebody
Potatoes will boil quicker if you add a little butter to the saucepan.
6. Checking how fresh an egg is

© daliulian
This one’s easy — if you drop an egg into some cold water so that it’s completely submerged, a fresh egg will sink to the bottom. The ones that have gone off will float to the surface.
7. Substituting bananas for eggs in baking

© allremedies
You can replace eggs with bananas when making the dough for cookies or a pie. Half a banana is roughly equal to one egg.
8. Removing a glue stain from glass

© dailyhealthandbeautytips
Removing a glue stain from glass can be done using ordinary household vegetable oil. Just smear some oil on the affected area, leave for ten minutes, then wipe with a paper towel.
9. Boiling beans and pulses faster

© onmed
Did you forget to soak the beans or peas? Boil them in unsalted water, adding a tablespoon of cold water every 7-10 minutes. That way they’ll be ready with no trouble at all.
10. Getting rid of an ink or paint stain on clothing

© wikihow
Acetone will help with this problem. It needs to be wiped on the affected area, then rub it with spirit of hartshorn.
11. What to do with a cracked egg

© pinterest
You can in fact still make use of a broken egg. Just boil it as normal, and then it can be used for salads or sandwiches.
12. Drying footwear quickly

© jetwithkids
The trick here is to use salt. Heat it up in a frying pan, sprinkle it inside a sock, and then place the sock inside the wet shoe. If the moisture doesn’t disappear in a certain amount of time, just put in a new sock. Your shoes will be dry in no time at all!
13. Boiling milk faster

© bilder.4ever
Milk is guaranteed to boil faster if you add a pinch of sugar.
14. A simple way to grate cheese

© victorinoxshop
Before you start trying to grate some hard cheese, smear some vegetable oil on the grater. The cheese won’t get stuck together, and the grater itself becomes easier to wash!
15. Getting rid of unpleasant odours in the kitchen

© simplycleanhome
It’s easy to get rid of bad smells in the kitchen. Pour one tablespoon of ordinary vinegar into a frying pan and heat until it evaporates.
16. Reusing a dried-out lemon

© hdwallpapers
A lemon which is starting to dry out can be restored to its previous degree of freshness with ease. Just leave it in a bowl of water for a couple of hours.
17. Breaking in new shoes

© hercampus
There’s a really cunning trick for breaking in new shoes. Put on some thick socks, and then really stretch the shoes onto your feet. While wearing them like this, heat the shoes with a hair dryer for about 10 minutes.
18. Getting rid of a headache

© flickr
You can ease the pain of a throbbing headache if you rub a slice of lemon on your forehead. It sounds crazy, but trust us, the aroma of citrus fruit can really calm you down!
19. Picking up bits of broken glass

© deti.mail
You can gather up even the smallest bits of broken glass by using plasticine.
20. Calming yourself down quickly

© pinterest
If you need to calm yourself down very quickly, press down on the patch of skin between your nose and your lips, using your thumb, for three seconds. This can help even if you think you’re having a nervous breakdown!
21. Protect your smartphone

The screen of your smartphone can become scratched very quickly if you don’t cover it with protective film. Put a little toothpaste on a cloth, then carefully rub it on to any scratches. Remove any remaining toothpaste and wipe the screen dry.

Top 14 Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in the Fridge


There are a number of products that can lose their nutritional value, taste, and texture pretty quickly at cold temperatures.
We at Bright Side put together a list of 14 foods you shouldn’t store in the refrigerator.


When you put unripened avocados in the fridge, they quickly begin to absorb moisture through their skin and get soft. It’s best to store avocados in a fruit bowl.


Keeping potatoes at a temperature below 7°С (44°F) will make them taste unpleasantly sweet. Instead of putting potatoes in the fridge, store them in a paper bag in a cool (but not cold) place.


At cold temperatures crystals of sucrose in the chocolate come out on the surface to form an unpleasant white bloom. As a result, the product loses its natural flavor.

Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits quickly go rotten and become harmful when placed in the fridge. You can wrap them in several layers of paper and store them in a dry dark place.


The fridge isn’t the ideal place for keeping basil. It will wilt faster and absorb all the other smells around it. It’s better to put it in a cup of water, like cut flowers.

Green beans

Putting green beans in the refrigerator will cause them to lose their useful properties. You can freeze the fresh beans and enjoy them all year round.


The moisture in the fridge will eventually turn onions soft and make them unfit for consumption. In addition, excessive moisture facilitates the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.


You should never keep coffee in the fridge: it can take on some of the smells of other foods and lose its unique flavor. Store it somewhere cool and dark where it can retain its best qualities. However, larger amounts of coffee can be kept in the freezer.

Olive oil

It’s recommended to store olive oil at temperatures from +12 to +16°C (from 53 to 60°F). It’ll gain a harder consistency when put in the fridge.


Cold and moisture increase the speed of the crystallization of honey. As a result, it rapidly loses its taste and health benefits. However, this nutritious food will stay good almost forever if you keep it in a tightly sealed jar at room temperature.


The refrigerator isn’t the best storage site for tomatoes since the cold air stops the ripening process. Cold temperatures affect the taste and texture of the tomatoes and make them mushy.


Some people think that storing bread in the fridge is the best way to keep it fresh. In fact, nothing dries out bread and makes it stale more than the fridge. If you’ve got more bread than you need, you can always make crunchy bread chips from it.


Eggplants are also highly sensitive to the cold temperature within the fridge. They become soft and pitted on the surface, so it’s better to keep them at room temperature.


When refrigerated, bananas quickly turn black and look visually unappealing. When you see bananas with black spots in the store it doesn’t mean they are ripe: it’s because they haven’t been stored properly during transportation.
Based on materials from