Amla 69* off 38 balls VS England, 2nd T20

Amla 69* off 38 balls VS England, 2nd T20


Hashim Amla had nightmares in India as the one of the best tests and short format batsman could not much with his bat on spin assisting wickets. Amla came back to South Africa and after losing the test series to England, he resigned as the South African test captain.

However things have changed since the short format cricket has started and now we see the old Amla back in the business. Hashim Amla scored a blistering knock of 69 off 38 balls but his innings was overshadowed by the heroics of AB.

Amla hit 8 fours and 3 sixes in his innings. He started with a lofty cover drive that went over the heads of the fielders and raced away to the fence. Stokes was the receiver here. Next up was Jordan and Amla took him for plenty of runs on both sides of the wickets.

The first was a pull shot down towards the fine leg. Next up was a sizzling cut through point and, this time, Ala bisected the field perfectly. There were two men deployed by Morgan for this shot and Amla placed the ball perfectly between the two.

One the next ball he flicked Jordan off his pads and onto the leg side. This time, again the ball went towards the fence like a tracer bullet. The first six he hit was over point to Stokes. This was a magical hit. Amla just angled his bat on a length ball and that was it. The ball was not bad yet the shot was so much exclusive that one could hardly find words to praise it.