Amir wickets compilation in Pakistan Cup

Amir wickets compilation in Pakistan Cup


Mohammad Amir

is most probably the best fast bowler Pakistan has produced in the last decade. He has got pace and variations. He has got the talent and hard work both behind his back and had he played in those 5 long years then surely he would have been one the very best by now.
Amir has seen many ups and downs in his life and the 5 years of exile period has changed a lot of things in him.
He is now a mature athlete even at the age of 25. There are a few other players in Pakistan of the same age group but there is a lot of difference between their game and attitude as compared to Amir’s.

In the recently played Pakistan cup, Amir took 11 wickets and remained he most impressive bowler from the tournament. The reason behind it was that these matches were played on flat batting decks and in almost all the games we saw some huge scores from both teams.

On those dead rubbers, Amir bent his back hard on almost every ball. He was the only bowler who took 5 wickets in a match. His line and length was good and once again on aa batting deck he got wickets on short balls.This clearly indicates that Amir has a huge future ahead of him. all he needs is to focus on his cricket more and more. This is his prime job now and his fans would be wanting him to concentrate on cricket and work hard to become the very best.