Amir gets two wickets VS Balochistan, Pakistan Cup Live

Amir gets two wickets VS Balochistan, Pakistan Cup Live


Mohammad Amir once remained the most impressive bowler in the third game in the Pakistan cup between Sindh and Balochistan. Amir was Sindh’s initial picks for the tournament.
In his first game, Amir picked up two wickets sin the middle overs and bowled exceptionally well. he first got Shahid Yusuf who was in a mood to attack Amir.

Shahid left his crease to get Amir for a big hit on the leg side. Amir noticed this movement and as a result, he banged the ball short.

Shahid was already committed to his shot and as a result, it became hard for him to get his shot right. The ball was close to this body and as a result kissed the upper part of the bat and went aerial

Sarfraz went after the ball calling the catch his and then he was seen taking the ball down as well. next in line was Balochistan wicket keeper and he was given wrongly out on Amir’s ball.

Amir this time again hit a short ball to Hasan and as he went for a pull the ball hit his helmet and once again Sarfraz took the catch. The umpire gave it an out despite the batsman not so happy with the call.