Amazing T20 Live Cricket match, 365 runs in 20 overs with 36...

Amazing T20 Live Cricket match, 365 runs in 20 overs with 36 sixes


It may not have been an official cricket game but the cause for which it as played was for the humanity. The world saw the destruction caused by the Tsunami and to help the relief work there was a charity 3 game series was played in order to collect money to help the relief work.

All three games were played between the New Zealand cricket team and a combination of eleven different players coming across from the globe. The world eleven was led by none other than the great leg spinner in the world Shane Warne.

In the world eleven, we had some big names like Muralitharan, Sangakkara, Warne, Harvey and many others. The New Zealand team in those remained the same which used to play the official games under ICC.

In one of the games played at the Hamilton the game was shortened to 20 overs, 10 overs per side. The rain caused the decrease in the over yet the crowd was present to witness the game. All the money collected in the form tickets was to be given to the Tsunami relief work.

New Zealand batted first and thanks to 63 of just 19 balls by McMillan, the kiwis hit a massive total of 178. Styris and Mills also played well for their 44 and 38. The crowd enjoyed the rain of sixes which they saw. McMillan was the best of them who hit a lot of big hits. He was always known to be a real ball basher. It was an enticing game of cricket.