Aleem Dar enjoying cricket in Dharamshala

Aleem Dar enjoying cricket in Dharamshala


Pakistani cricket umpires Aleem Dar is in India these days for the upcoming World T20 and it seems that he is not bothered about the security risks that are surrounding the presence of him and the Pakistan cricket team.

It is important to note that at the moment there is no threat given to Aleem but there are plenty of them which have been given to the Pakistan cricket team. Aleem was seen playing a bit if cricket in the Dharamshala ground where Pakistan and India are set to play in the World T20.

Aleem was knocking the ball with the full face of his blade and it clearly showed that he has played cricket at some level for sure. Aleem Dar will be seen in action in some of the games to be played in the upcoming mega event in India.

Pakistan cricket team, on the other hand, is yet to make a final call whether to travel towards India or not. ShivSena has threatened to disturb the matches in which Pakistan will take part. Also, the CM of the state has refused to provide the security to the touring Pakistan.
So this matter has become very serious here. Pakistan government has sent in a team to check he security measures before making a final call. If the reports are comforting then the team will tour to India else there is a complete cancellation. Wasim Akram along with other former players have also taken the side of the government.
The case of Pakistan team is different. Aleem Dar was seen playing cricket under lights in the beautiful stadium of Dharamshala. It was more of a knocking rather than playing the actual cricket game but still was serving the purpose for Aleem.

Aleem Dar will be the official umpire in some of the games to be played in the ICC world T20. However, his country’s team has yet to decide either they should make a tour to India or not. There are serious threats to Pakistan team in India.

In the recent developments, the CM of the state has refused to provide security to Pakistan cricket team. Secondly, the Hindu extremist group of ShivSena has also made threats to the Pakistan team. They have even warned to dig out the pitch if Pakistan came to India for the World T20.

Now these are serious threats and as a result, Pakistan cricket board is holding their decision to send the team to India. Pakistan government has sent a security team to India and they will take out their notes on the security measures which would be provided to team Pakistan for World T20.