Ahmad way of getting out, multiple dismissals

Ahmad way of getting out, multiple dismissals


Ahmad Shahzad might have to sit in his home and watch the Pakistan cricket team play the Asia cup and World T20 because the Pakistan team selectors have decided that they have had enough of him and now he should be taken out of the team. Ahmad has a poor form since a long time now and there is no improvement seen in his batting form and technique. If we look into the details of his dismissals then we find out that first he has almost thrown his wickets in every possible manner in cricket. He has not got himself leg before wicket out rest all is here.

Ahmad has been cleaned up then we see him getting caught and also stumped. If there is anything absent from this list that will be run out and lbw rest the pace age is a complete one. Even to the likes to Zimbabwe, Ahmad had nothing to prove. He was batting like a school kid and the inexperienced Zimbabwean bowling was giving him all sorts of trouble. Ahmad was bowled by Panyangara for a couple of times and also was caught inside the circle on a few occasions as well.

Against England he was poor. The openers always have this option to hit the ball over the inner circle and get some runs but when we talk about Ahmad his strokes have no power and he always gets caught near the line of the circle. This shows that not only the technique the power is also absent from Ahmad strokes.