Ahmad Shehzad smashes 3 fours to Mohammad Amir

Ahmad Shehzad smashes 3 fours to Mohammad Amir


Despite his name omitted out of the automatic choice category by the PCB, Ahmad Shahzad has proved his mark in today’s game against Sindh in the Pakistan Cup. Ahmad is still not out on 104 runs and it was a fascinating innings from the Pakistani opener. Ahmad right from the start looked cool and calm and had a game plan in his mind. Since he has been made the captain of the KPK sad we have witnessed some changes had Shahzad. He is rational in his decisions.
Ahmad against the fast bowler looked good. He played Amir really well who was the major threat to the KPK team. Ahmad neutralized him by getting on top of his every ball. It was not like Ahmad hitting out on all the balls he was facing.

He was rotating the strike mostly with his partners and knew about the games as well. He hit 10 fours and a six so far in his innings. Now we see that as the game is progressing towards the ending stages, Ahmad has started to open up his arms.

He has just hit Amir for three fours on four walls and it shows that he is in very good rhythm. Ahmad Shahzad looked confident in the last game against Balochistan as well. He commanded his troops really well. Ahmad was more into the attacking mode hat day ad today there are chances that he will do the same thing again. The strategy from he is simple. He wants his players to attack with the ball and in the field, and takes wickets at regular interval.