Ahmad Shahzad waves hand to spider cam, Live Cricket

Ahmad Shahzad waves hand to spider cam, Live Cricket


Ahmad Shahzad, the flamboyant Pakistani opener is back in form with a brilliant 52 against Bangladesh in the first game of the World T20 for Pakistan. Ahmad’s return to form is a really valiant sign for team Pakistan.

The top order was not scoring runs for them and early fall of wickets used to create pressure on the middle and lower middle order. Yesterday it was different as there were some utilizing scores were seen at the top order in Pakistan batting line.

Ahmad was one of them. He was resilient and he had the confidence in him. The idea of how much confident was he in the middle could be driven from that incident when the spider cam went low near to Ahmad and he waved back to it.

This clearly showed that he was not in a tense mind in the center. Players do hardly make any efforts like these in international games because of the game’s pressure but here the case was different. Ahmad did not take any pressure and played some free cricketing shots.

He was right up there amongst the runs maker and his partnership with Hafeez changed the game in the favor of Pakistan. Technically the coming back to form for Ahmad Shahzad will make a lot of change in the whole mindset of the Pakistan team.

Pakistan team looked eager for a win. They were right up there in everything. They bowled well, they caught everything though Ahmad missed a sitter but that did not cost them much. They were already there but still a miss is a miss.