Ahmad Shahzad irked over extra criticism

Ahmad Shahzad irked over extra criticism


Pakistan opening batsman Ahmad Shahzad today visited the Wasim Akram foundation along with his wife and after his visit, he talked to the media as well. Ahmad gave detailed answers to all the questions from the reporters.

Ahmad Shahzad first praised the efforts of the Pakistan army saying that the armed forces are doing a wonderful job and they deserve all the appreciation. He said that as a nation, we have to back them up and boost their confidence.

As for the cricket, he said that he has heard a lot of criticism about himself and in reply he never went to the media to criticize others. He said that he always maintained his silence because if he replies too, to all the criticism, then it will hurt the reputation of the country.

Ahmad said that he believes in answering with his bat and sometimes he makes runs and sometimes he doesn’t but that does not mean that people should point out to towards is intentions towards playing for Pakistan.

Ahmad said whatever he has achieved is because of Pakistan so he just cannot go against the people of Pakistan. However, he said that there is a limit to everything and he will talk if his patience gets over. So people should think before they speak.

Ahmad praised the efforts of Wasim Akram saying that he and his foundation is working for the betterment of people and he is really pleased to be part of it. Ahmad said that his friend donated 5 lac for this foundation, but he bound him not to tell his name to the media or any other person.