Ahmad Shahzad hits magnificent 52, Live Cricket

Ahmad Shahzad hits magnificent 52, Live Cricket


Finally, Pakistan batting line shows signs of life in their batting. Pakistan at the moment is going in strongly in their first game of World T20. They are batting well and have not lost many wickets as well. Hafeez and Ahmad in total command out there.

Earlier Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat first. Afridi wanted to take the advantage first from this batting track and his batters have enjoyed their time in the middle so far. The ball is spinning little but not to that much extent.

Sharjeel started throwing his bat onto the ball immediately and his two sixes and one four gave Pakistan an ideal start in the first 2 overs. He was right on the top of the two fast bowlers but then Sunny was brought into the attack.

Sharjeel failed against him and lost his off stump. Ahmad Shahzad, on the other hand, looked in complete form. He batted nicely and the best thing was that he idle everything that came his way. He was right up there is hitting the powerful shots and also defending the good ones.

Hafeez helped him and the two hit a magnificent partnership for Pakistan in the middle. Ahmad was special today. He wanted to perform and he did exactly the same. He played some glorious shots. He creamed the ball on the off side to the fast bowlers. Against the spinners, he used his feet perfectly. It was just Ahmad’s day for sure. He totals rocked and rolled at the Eden Gardens.