After Come Back Yasir Shah 3 wicket for the falcons, Zalmi Cup

After Come Back Yasir Shah 3 wicket for the falcons, Zalmi Cup


Pakistan’s premium leg spinner Yasir Shah is back to cricket after completing his ban. Yasir was facing a four-month ban from the ICC after his dope test resulted positive. He was lucky that PCB managed to defend him well else he could have been out from cricket for 4 years as well.

In his first game today Yasir picked up 3 wickets of his team falcons. The first wicket for him came in the 9th over when he came round the wicket of the batsman Fawad Khan.

It was a leg spin which Fawad tried to heave down the leg side. the ball did hit the thick part of his bat but did not get much of the elevation and distance and as a result was caught brilliantly at the boundary line. One must admit that the fielding standards in this domestic cup are really impressing.

The second wicket for Yasir Shah came off another brilliant catch in the deep and this time, the fielder Nisar escaped a certain collision with a co-fielder as well.

Yasir bowled another good length and as it was one of the final overs of the game so the batsman went after him and tried to hit a slog sweep shot. The ball did not come off the middle of the bat and went high in the air.

Nisar judged it to perfect after running to his left from the deep square leg fence. Yasir was happy to me amongst the wicket takers but he sure looked rusty as he was given a lot of beating by the batters. A lot of sixes were hit against him today.