Abdul Razzaq Smashes 47 Runs in 11 Balls Against England

Abdul Razzaq Smashes 47 Runs in 11 Balls Against England


Finest all-rounder of Pakistan Abdul Razzaq was one of great batsmen in mid-nineties. His brilliant innings if 47 run against England in England still reminds the fans a lot of stories of Pakistani success. He was a brilliant fast bowler and finest batsman in the depth overs.

Abdul Razzaq has played a very short period of time for Pakistan team in Twenty-Twenty format. However, the all-rounder was one of the most successful achievers for Pakistan team. Pakistan team may not find another player like him for a long time. He still had a lot of cricket to play but politics in the cricket board did not let him play for long.

When Abdul Razzaq came into Pakistan team, he had to struggle a lot to get a regular spot. It was a time of peak for the Pakistan team. The all-rounder was able to get permanent space in the Pakistani team due to his brilliant batting and bowling. He has won many matches for Pakistan in difficult conditions.

In many cricket matches Abdul Razzaq rescued Pakistan with his brilliant bowling and batting. The all-rounder has done miracles in cricket games for Pakistan many times. Pakistan team has won many matches in pasty due to brilliant batting of Razzaq. His bowling in middle overs was always helpful for Pakistan team to contain the opposition run scoring.

The all-rounder was famous for his partnership breaking abilities. He has broken many partnerships in important matches. Abdul Razzaq was a match winning player in Pakistan team who has always helped in success.