ABC News Live Streaming

ABC News Live Streaming


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ABC (American Broadcasting Company) started its journey back in 1943 as a radio station and it was founded by Louis Blanche and Edward J. Noble. It is owned by The Walt Disney Company. It is headquartered in Manhattan, New York city with some facilities located in Los Angeles, Burbank, California. Being the fifth-oldest broadcasting network, a huge number of audience watch ABC channel. Surviving through the up’s and down’s on the way to success now ABC channel also offers ABC live streaming. Ben Sherwood (An author, journalist and a very successful business entrepreneur), Paul Lee-President ABC entertainment and James Goldston- President ABC News are known world-wide for their professional skills. ESPN, the world’s best and updated sports channel is also affiliated with ABC channel.

To stand with its established competitors, ABC presented the family-oriented series in the 1960s. ABC premiered its animated series named The Flintstones on September 30, 1960, which surely is an example of counterprogramming. Initially it was broadcasted in Black and white color because ABC at that time it didn’t have the technical upgrades which was able to broadcast the programs in color. This series made ABC to show an innovation in children programming and on the other hand it also made ABC Channel to start filling the holes which were remained open by Disney partnership’s conclusion by getting different family-oriented programs from many other producers.