AB De Villiers hitting 29 runs in one over against Afghanistan, Live...

AB De Villiers hitting 29 runs in one over against Afghanistan, Live Cricket


AB De Villiers is one of the most dangerous batter in the world and with a limited experience the young Rashid Khan had on his back he was never a match for him. as a result, AB belted him for 29 runs in his last over.

Rashid bowled well in the first three overs but went under pressure in his final one and AB was all over him right from the first ball. Rashid bowled with a wrong length, he was bowling with too much flight and also his googly was short in length and hence Ab was quickly latching onto all of them.

The first was a googly and AB hit it on the leg side for a flat six. It was short in length and AB just rocked back and hit it over the fence for a flat six. The second ball was once again the same but this time, Rashid altered his line.

AB one again hit the same shot like on the first ball but this time, it went for four after hitting in front of the fielder and diverting to the fence hitting his hands. It was not a catch as the replay showed that the ball hit the grass before the-the fielder could take it.

After that, there were three consecutive sixes once again. AB went down the track on the third ball which had a bit of flight and he smoked it straight over the sightscreen. The next one was again on the leg side, again a wrong line and length from Rashid. The third one was again straight, this time with a faster one.