3rd Test – 1st Wicket of Srilanka – Rahat gets Silva Wicket

3rd Test – 1st Wicket of Srilanka – Rahat gets Silva Wicket


The third test between Pakistan and Srilanka has started today at the Pallekele International Stadium and though Pakistan got the early break through when Kaushal Silva nicked one to the keeper Srilanka have fought pretty well since then. It was Rahat Ali who after his injury was making a comeback and he is always known as a bowler who has a brilliant line and length when it comes to any form of cricket.

This time again it was perfect delivery that was pitched a bit short. It was a new cherry only 4 overs old and on the first day of the match the bounce was there for Rahat. Silva was clearly seen caught in two minds.

Silva was not confident in decision making whether to get on the front foot or stay at the back one and in this confusion he tried to defend the ball in an odd position with a slight bit of angled bat and that was enough for Rahat to take the edge of his blade.
It was a big wicket for Pakistan as Silva is one of the leading run scorer of the series for Srilanka and his wicket at the early part of the innings definitely put Srilanka in a state of bother but thanks to a solid defense shown by Tharanga and Karunaratne the fight back is on.

Rahat is seen struggling a bit and that is obvious as he is making a comeback after the world cup and is still searching for his lost spots. He has to pick up the pace of the game.