32 Most popular nicknames in Cricket

32 Most popular nicknames in Cricket


32 Most popular nicknames in Cricket: We all remember our childhood names. Don’t we? Everybody has nicknames and our cricketers are no stranger’s to this. Cricket has a rich tradition of using nicknames with some cricketers known more by their moniker than their actual names.

The rule for giving a nickname is that when people get close to each other, they prefer calling their friends, companions etc. by a name which is easy and sometimes even funny. It also signifies your love and bonding with that person.

Here’s a list 32 Most popular nicknames in Cricket:

1. Virat Kohli ‘Chiku’ –

It was Kohli’s Delhi state coach Ajit Chaudhary who gave him this name Chiku due to his spiked hairstyle.

2. Michael Clarke ‘Pup’ –

The recent retiree Michael Clarke was nicknamed Pup on his debut tour of India in 2004 by his team mates as he showed the enthusiasm of a puppy.

3. Kapil Dev ‘The Haryana Hurricane’ –

A naturally aggressive player, Kapil often helped India in difficult situations by taking the attack to the opposition. That is why he was named as The Haryana Hurricane.